Why You Need A Jacksonville Drug Defense Attorney

When you are caught on the suspicion of selling or possessing narcotics, you will need the services of a Jacksonville drug defense attorney as soon as possible. There are two factors that will determine whether you will be prosecuted under federal or state law when charged with drug offenses. These are the amount and type of drugs involved in the arrest, and whether you have a history of narcotics and drug related conviction and arrest. S


When you are facing criminal drug charges, all the things you have, your freedom, and reputation are at stake. And that’s why you need to have the best Jacksonville drug defense attorney to represent you in court.


Defending against criminal charges, especially drug-related cases can be difficult and confusing. The best way to get through the charge unscathed is with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced drug defense attorney. One will help you understand what you are facing, and provide the best course of action.


Working with a Jacksonville Drug Defense Attorney


A drug defense attorney wills first a way to dismiss the charges due to flaws in the investigation. Then one will help decide the right strategies as the case progresses. One will suggest a plea bargain only if it is to your best interests. However, it is not always the first option.


An experienced Jacksonville drug defense attorney understands how the law enforcement officers investigation crimes involving narcotics and drugs. The lawyer also knows their thinking process. The attorney also knows the constitutional laws on the federal and state levels to ensure that one can protect your rights. Another skill the lawyer possesses is the ability to discredit any informants or witnesses.


How a Drug Defense Attorney Can Help You


According to the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, all citizens of the United States are protected against illegal search and seizure. That’s why one of the things that the drug defense lawyer checks is whether the police officer the search of the home or vehicle was done in a legal manner. This is one way to get the charges dismissed in court.


Not only that, a good Jacksonville drug defense attorney also considers all the evidence presented by the prosecution. The attorney can exploit any weaknesses in the case in your favor. The defense attorney can also try to discredit witnesses brought in by the prosecutor.


These are the reasons why you should consider hiring the best Jacksonville drug defense attorney when you are arrested due to drug related charges. You should also hire one when you suspect that you are being investigated for a drug-related case as well. That way you will be able to defend your rights and be able to get off with the lightest penalty possible.

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