A big celebration, such as a birthday, anniversary or a wedding, is a memorable occasion, shared with family and close friends- a day that should be considered special and unique, and one that adds value and depth to family stories and photo albums. A celebration such as this requires a lot of tedious, extensive planning, and ultimately could be very costly. Families, couples and individuals looking forward to such a grand occasion require a trustworthy extra set of hands to put matters into, that would be able to look into menial tasks that could otherwise spoil your expectations of the special day.

When looking to celebrate the amazing occasion, there are numerous Catering Companies In cape Town to choose from. Considering the high level of uniqueness of the celebration to both you and your family, you need to choose carefully and decide wisely before trusting a catering company with the preparation for your special day.

There are specific qualities in catering companies to be on a lookout for that would have the potential to be trustworthy enough to be able to handle your event and not to disappoint.

These qualities are:

Firstly, the quality to be on a lookout for is experience- the time a catering company has spent in the field and in practice. Normally, the longer the company has been in operation, the more knowledgeable, experienced, and professional they will be. Also, the longer the company has been in operation, the more connections and good relationships they would have established with other companies that could supply provisions to your special day. A Catering Company In Cape Town with over 10 years of experience is Out of This Planet Catering, who has acquired vast amount of knowledge and skills in regards to high quality of service to customers and customer satisfaction, as well as has established numerous connections with other suppliers to truly ensure a grand and memorable celebration for you and your family.

Secondly, a catering company’s staff has to be highly trained and patient, as well as being able to pick up on smallest details of their clients’ views and desires for the celebration. Being able to hear what the clients wants and to be able to not only meet, but exceed their expectations truly makes the catering company stand out above its competitors. It’s that dedication to a high quality service and attention to detail that has allowed Out of this Planet Catering to become one of the highest rated catering companies in Cape Town, exceeding all their clients’ expectations, and paying particular attention to every detail to ensure the celebration is met in terms of the clients’ envisions for it. The staff is both knowledgeable and creative, and so are able to understand the clients when they describe the celebration to them. 

And lastly, quality over quantity really does go a long way in terms of customer satisfaction, not only in large companies, but in small ones as well. Being able to provide an absolutely outstanding service, exceeding clients’ expectations, and still sticking within budget requires some skill, good connections and some knowledge of the field- and this is what Out of This Planet Catering provides. They ensure a grand and memorable celebration, designed and tweaked up to the smallest details, while still sticking to the clients’ budgets. Their abilities to be both empathetic and sympathetic towards their clients’ costs is what truly puts the cherry on top for this company, in comparison to many catering companies in Cape Town, who mostly are focused on making a profit.

If you are looking for someone to provide event catering in Cape Town or provide you with private party catering, then Out of This Planet catering is definitely one that meets all of the above qualities to make it a trustworthy and reliable company to trust your grand and memorable event with.


Out of this Planet Catering

‘With over 10 years of experience with regards to catering for events’


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