Re-cycling Made Modern, Fashionable and Affordable

Re-upholstery has become a big point of interest amongst the general public, especially within recent years as re-cycling and re-use of old items has become more and more emphasized, instilled and promoted. The general public has been led to recognize the importance of re-using personal items instead of simply disposing of them, which would potentially result to additional costs as the items disposed of have to be replaced, but which would also result in the contribution to overall levels of pollution to the environment, as the objects, which could be re-used, are now being thrown away and left to rot.

Upholstery Works recognizes and chooses to side with the ideology of re-using personal furniture items through ‘re-freshing’ or ‘re-designing’ them in order to make old items look as good as new for a third of the price of acquiring a new piece of furniture. They try to encourage more and more people to adopt a similar mind-frame and choose to rather renew their personal items instead of just disposing of them, and replacing the previously owned items with new ones.

Upholstery Works focuses on the re-upholstery of furniture, and, through this, encourages individuals to choose to re-upholster their owned furniture to make it look as good as new, rather than throwing them away. Upholstery Works have some of the best Upholstery Fabricsin Cape Town with a wide variety for their clients to choose from. They ensure high standards of work provided to their clients, accompanying the high quality service with material quality used in re-upholstery of clients’ furniture.

Re-upholstery, as well as upholstery as a whole, has been widely promoted by Upholstery Works through their caring attitude and expertise, and have received great success and recognition within the field as upholding the reputation of being one of the best. They have gained and maintained a reputation of not only being reliable upholstery suppliers in CapeTown, but have become a well-established source of thorough and trustworthy service to all their clients. They have never left clients disappointed, and instead have provided their client with professionalism, ensuring the attitude of care is conveyed to clients.

Upholstery Works supports and promotes a good, high morale amongst the workers on their team, so that that morale is transferred into the high quality of service that they provide to clients. The team is knowledgeable, highly-skilled and have outstanding people-skills in order to hear out each and every client that walks through their doors, and deliver upon the expectations and desires of clients for their furniture.

Upholstery Works is the Upholstery Supplier In Cape Town to be on a lookout for if you are looking to invest in re-modelling your furniture items, and are not willing to instead spend double, if not triple, the amount of money buying new furniture from expensive stores. Rather invest your money in re-using old items of furniture in an affordable, but yet modern and fashionable manner, ultimately achieving your goal of re-modelling your home whilst saving you time and money.

Upholstery Works

' we are proud of the achievements we have made in providing our clients with top of the range manufactured furniture or top quality re-upholstery'

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