Dutch Manor - Boutique Hotel Cape Town

Boutique hotel Cape Town Imagine if you next vacation or business trip led you to the doors of 1812 century old establishment.This antique hotel CapeTown is declared a national monument, restored to its original frame work. This boutique hotel Cape Town rich in heritage situated in the Bo-kaap this antique boutique hotel CapeTown holds a whole new world. Be prepared to travel back in time to yesteryear as this fine boutique hotel Cape town boastsoriginal antique  furniture and art pieces you find in the lobby or other areas not to mention the different rooms, each different from the other to create that memorable experience that each room has to offer.

The people to thank for everything coming together are the interior designers and decorators who made every effort to create this priceless accommodation. Themere fact that it has been themed to take you on a journey through time does not mean that you are out of touch with the world, as there are modernized services that are available for guests, firstly the signal, Wi-Fi along with the amenitiesoffered such as Air conditioning, Businessfacilities,Dry cleaning<housekeeping, safety deposit box, the list is endless. The friendly professional staff is at your disposal for whatever it is you want and need they will be delightfully pleased to do so. Exceptional services are one of the factors that would be enjoyed at the Dutch Manor boutique hotel. The difference is that this accommodation is much smaller there for able to provide these services where as the motel and other supply chainsof accommodation have too many standard rooms and service demand and supply are not met. Boutique hotels differentiate and hold the name as it is an establishment with no more than 10 rooms.

There is no place like Cape Town the endless mountain rangers and breath taking views of this historic land rich in history and culture. The fresh sea breeze that lures you to the many white sandy beaches.The different kind of activities for all ages whether its theme park, gardens, kite surfing,paragliding just to name a few. Visit the many wine farms to get a taste of the finest wines produced a lot of which is exported thanks.The night life is pumping and Long Street is the place to be any day of the week.

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